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Summer is in full swing! And, I think there is nothing more relaxing than sitting outside on a warm summer night watching the lightening bugs put on their show. However, these beautiful nights are often accompanied by sweltering hot days than can sometimes be a little more than just uncomfortable. Many humans, as well as animals often find themselves constantly seeking shade and refreshing water during these extra hot days.

Shade can be found in many places where there are towering structures, but nothing can compare to the natural shade trees provide. Trees provide cool and well-lit areas where people can continue to participate in favorite summer recreational activities without the worry of overheating Fort Wild our latest addition to our interactive exhibits, is seeing a lot of traffic these days. Here, people can easily spend a summer morning under the generous shade our trees provide. Many of our visitors bring snacks and let their children play for hours in this area that offers children a plethora of tools for play. We too utilize it with our Summer Campers and treat it as an outdoor haven for learning, playing and reflecting. We have even seen many animals taking refuge high up in the lovely shady trees of Fort Wild!
Arie Manchen
Museum Naturalist


Fort Wild

Fort Wild focuses on outdoor, child-centered play that fosters healthy growth and development. The e… Learn More

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well, cannot say we enjoyed it, we were using the nature center and later the park as a place to meet my sister so my daughter could stay a few days with her. it is kind of a half way point between our towns. however, she had parked in the far lot and was inside with her husband and two mall children just minutes when her window as smashed today and her purse stolen. from talking with people in the area to see if they would notify police or nature center if they found her purse or contents discarded i found that the park was very unsafe and people referred to the rectional area as a whole as being 'very if-ey' and in decline with such similar events. knowing this i sould not help but wonder why there are no decurity camers and prior to the incident no sing of law enforcemnt patrols (around luch time). of course just after there was a show of law enforement until supper time-we know we stayed looking around the area to see if what they wanted was taken and the purse discarded. while the staff was empathetic, i felt overall security of such a crowed area with walkways and trails that might invite purse snatchers and robbers that there is not a steady system of security. I sudder to think that a day camp goes on there.

troublennc - August 18, 2012

sorry for the misspellings we are exagusted from our search today...

troublennc - August 18, 2012

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