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Charlotte Nature Museum is dedicated to providing high-quality, high-energy, nature-based learning that enlightens, educates and inspires. Programs and classes are available for pre-k through rising grade 2.

Charlotte Nature Museum is a place for kids to learn about animals and nature while having a great time.

The Museum’s programs educate about the Carolinas’ native plants and animals and their roles in the environment. Register for an hour, a day or a weekend of discovery and increase your little ones’ awareness of the natural world through nature-based experiments, story time, puppet shows, arts and crafts, science-related games and up-close animal encounters.

Field Trips and On-Site Classes

Featuring live animals and plant life native to the Carolinas, Charlotte Nature Museum is a great place for students to develop a sense of wonder and appreciation of the natural world. Fun hands-on exhibits and innovative programming create a unique learning experience bringing nature-based lessons to life.

Register for a class with an experienced Charlotte Nature Museum educator. Classes may include live animals, creative experiments, outdoor hikes, crafts and more.

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Summer Camps

Snails, slugs and bugs, oh my! Charlotte Nature Museum offers cool camps for little ones. From pre-k to rising grade 2, kids will discover amazing critters and natural treasures in a fun safe learning environment. Each camp offers a unique immersive experience as junior curators explore the outdoors, conduct experiments, meet baby animals and more!

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