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The Museum will be OPEN Monday, September 7.The Museum will be closed September 8 - 11 for staff development.

Creature Cavern

Get Close to Cool Critters

Focusing on live animals native to the Carolinas, little ones can go nose to nose with opossums, owls, snakes, skinks, skunks and more.

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Wisdom of the Woods: Raptor Rapture September 2, 2015

Raptors are powerful and efficient predators, feeding on a variety of prey such as reptiles, fish, birds, mammals, even other raptors.

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Wild Wednesday: Burrow Borrowers September 23, 2015

Many animals depend on one another to help create their homes. Learn about these burrow, nest and lodge “borrowers" at 12:30 p.m. in Dragonfly Theatre